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Marital common sense
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The family is social woof, marriage is the main factor that makes a family. Marriage is perfect the foundation that is domestic happiness, also be the main factor with stable society
The factor that affects marriage is very much, wait like ethics, morality, psychology, culture, physiology, idea, feeling, custom. Besides, element of lot put in order also is to come close heavy

Want, but was ignored by a lot of people however. In fact, throw element of lot put in order, a lot of problems in marriage are indecipherable.
A perfect match between a man and a girl, be deeply attached to each other, live to old age in conjugal bliss, heroic beauty these portraiture that are pair of perfect marriage; An unhappy couple of v&n bastinado an affectionate couple, enemy, be strange bedfellows,

Young and fall out of husband and wife, vidual these descriptions that are pair of marriage tragedy.   
Such two kinds of disparate marriage phenomena, sheet considers that he cannot locate the root of the problem from sociological angle, if obey the order,the angle of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is analysed, criterion not

Difficult find out the answer.
The marriage that says on lot put in order is broad sense, and factual marriage exists in sometime limits between every men and women substantially the spouse concerns, on lot put in order

Call this kind of relation marriage.
One, add up to the method of marriage (the following 5 kinds of methods should consider an analysis integratedly in the round)
1, the any of the twelve animals concerns suitably: Punishment, strong, gram cannot be formed between any of the twelve animals of every men and women, kill (Xiao Wu overcomes the schoolboy all right the schoolgirl is like except) ,

Chicken) the person cannot be the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches with the any of the twelve animals (hare) person marriage, because Mao You is strong. Also cannot as suitable as the person that belong to a dog, because You Qu is killed.
2, with the god in 4 column evil spirit will measure: ” of unfavorable “ peach blossom is overmuch in 4 column; ” of Gong Yan of unfavorable occurrence “ , “ sheds the female glow ” , in principle regards as not

Auspicious. Day of trip of yin and yang is unripe also adverse marriage.
3, measure with one's kin: Male life is unfavorable heavier than money of shoulder, disaster and flourishing, have the ill will of gram wife otherwise, female life is unfavorable injury official, heavy and flourishing, overcome a husband otherwise,

Male life slants money shoulds not be go out fully, use situation otherwise not only, unfavorable official kills female lot jumbly and without feed an injury to make.
4, with the men and women of respective life bureau will measure with the god:
1) bureau of life of male and female is with divine each other unripe;
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