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Marry scared: Is bridal chamber spends candle is be fond of care?
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Show according to a data, the young people of 9 city of the right age that become above suffer from ” of disease of “ marriage dread, incorporate arrives from psychology physiology by no means an isolated case, be really such? Archaism tells “ bridal chamber to spend candle ” is life one of things of 4 great rejoicing, present youth how? Be still marital itself gave an issue? Be who caused this kind of fear? Marry scared person, what is what you are afraid of after all?

What I am afraid of is not marriage, it is harm

Tang Du is 33 years old

I was about to marry next month, but what my comparing divorces is painful still, because I am,marry for my father mother. They are very these days glad, ” of their “ old maid should be married eventually went out, from now on they also need not be again before the person short one cut, and, the old maid still is married well it seems that. The eyes that they see me and compared once upon a time different, so tender and amorous, so affectionate money, once, those glower photographs to the look is the heart that how prickles me! I know, I cannot blame them. They are one of Mom of dad of the prevailing on this world only, they make happiness for the daughter with their means, they had not thought, I have me secret painful with fear.

I am the person that has been injured twice by love. My first love male friend went abroad, I do not blame him, but the time that I spent nearly 8 years forgets him. 8 years! Can be you envisaged? 27 years old when, I accepted the pursuit of the 2nd male friend eventually, he moved really I, also be the shadow that he makes I walked out of first love thoroughly. We talked about marriage talking very quickly to marry, however one day, a girl will look for me, say they are together already half an year …… that paragraph of time, my defect is denying to his exceeding ego in hard extricate oneself, I how? Am I so poor? I need love really, need a man?

Yes, I need, but I believe no longer! Do not talk about what love with me, say what is duteous not change, those do not cross be a few instants to be experienced!

I am a woman of 33 years old, I am self-confident I can a person lives the life wonderfully, but, build a self-confidence again in me when, father suddenly be laid up, mom says, you are fast marry, otherwise your pa die with a grievance or everlasting regret. Day, I am to be able to say nothing really ……

Knot, that. My accurate husband looks is a good person, can you be that how? What I marry is not him, it is filial piety heart only. What I am afraid of is not marriage, harm however.

Marrying is the war between domestic member

Xiao Ting is 23 years old

Marry? Too horrible! My elder sister and she tentativelies greatly like the vassal chaos caused by war that younger sister of elder sister, husband's younger sister, mother-in-law resembles period of the Warring States everyday, that calls a chaos! She returns a married woman's parents' home every week, every time I hide she far, because of her besides talk about again and again thing of that lays bare, also do not have again other! Say one's innermost thoughts and feelings, I very look do not go up she is this bit, more terrible is she affected me completely, she makes I feel to marry is the battle between a family, in this war all people can be a mass of bruises. It is this, I am to flinch really to marrying.
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