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Manual of correspondence of incident of 4 great bridal nightmare
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Bridal, wonderful like cannot the living theatre of honest other people. On arena acousto-optic enchanting, the you life on arena, leading role people the China colour movement that stagewise as much as one likes deduces their life, and costar people wonderful come on the stage, often can give this however field is gluttonous the regale like times add manner flavor, do not believe? In light of!

Come on the stage one: + of champagne costar a matron of honour accompanies man

Tie-in on wedding breakfast what is delicious optimal minor role? It is champagne of course! The foil that does not have beautiful wine and urge move, how can you foil is those who give entree delicious and big? A matron of honour and partner man, it is that cup of bubbly on wedding. Tie-in appropriate, can push whole wedding to the climax, of perforative and bridal lively atmosphere from beginning to end. But if arrangement is unreasonable, also can be the first link that be bungled!

The bride is read surely

No matter be old female friend, or blood is thick the brotherly sister at water, the key of the choice is to should have patience, do not be afraid that hardship is good at creating atmosphere again. Decide to the attention answers when person selected, the respect such as height of self-love of a matron of honour, bodily form wants as suitable as the bride, such ability form a kind of harmonious aesthetic feeling when the 〕 on wedding takes a picture.

But what must notice is, it is indispensable bubbly, but remain appear with anther leading player, the bride must not be compared on the appearance more outstanding, can appear otherwise focal move, affect bridal whole mood. A matron of honour can be, also can be many. Accompany the number of man to answer as didymous as a matron of honour, but no matter who partner man is, answer a matron of honour to understand somewhat at least, glib, have certain quality and accomplishment.

Costar nightmare incident

1, marry that day bride marriage gauze flyblown ……

All things caution or ” of “ natural and man-made disaster! If be to touch wine and so on to want to help bridal processing instantly, but below self-love marriage gauze space block towel, swab with white vinegar or scour (can carry good pyxis to install beforehand) , blot of reoccupy waterleaf paper. The besmirch that cannot handle really, inspect particular case to use head yarn, headgear perhaps holds beautiful keep out in both hands.

2, married to rained suddenly that day ……

Serve as a matron of honour to must deploy umbrella and rain boot, use protective bride. And partner man wants to carry the bride on the back to dry place, perhaps make its temporary abandon figure covering on rain boot. If of arrangement is outdoors wedding, while calm direct makeup girl makes up, go please and undertake to just discuss the possibility that field changes.

3, saluted immediately, how does ring also search however was less than ……
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