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New personality: Travel marriage becomes fashion
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Marrying is an important matter of life, everybody hopes his wedding can keep good memory. As the changes of the times, of 21 centuries today, wedding is a delegate with the marriage banquet of grandiose ostentation and extravagance no longer, appearing however individual character and multivariate. Jump out traditional marriage banquet, the travel that chooses relaxed, romance marries, became the fashionable option of nowadays youngster. A piece of marriage certificate, romantic and new ride, compose is worn the marriage of first one new era sonata.

On century 90 time wedding goes in for pomp, wedding of 21 centuries characteristic tells individual character make public

“ we illuminate this in beautiful Jianggu city; This piece is illuminated in jade dragon snow mountain; Still having this piece is in the group photo …… of stone forest we still patted DV, memory is too too much, beautiful! ” is in home of small beautiful jade, she turns over album at the same time, at the same time the honeymoon that agitato introduces she and man to the reporter is illuminated. Small beautiful jade is to be in what marry first year after year today, but their wedding, do not have the marriage banquet of lively, ostentation and extravagance, however a romantic travel is bridal. After getting a marriage certificate, couple two with respect to the back on the back bursa heads for Yunnan, the honeymoon that began them travels.

The people description to wedding, circulated socially a few such words: The century on “ 50 time a piece of bed, 60 time a packet of candy, 70 time red treasured book, 80 time 3 turn to ring, guesthouse of class of 90 time star goes in for pomp, make public of individual character of wedding of 21 centuries characteristic. ” a few simple words, described the metabolic process of our country wedding. Go up oneself 80 time have the century, marriage banquet is the important segment that wedding cannot be short of surely. Arrived 90 time, marriage banquet should pay attention to ostentation and extravagance more, on the festooned vehicle of emcee of banquet of astral class hotel, marriage, long dragon is waited a moment, good not lively.

Of 21 centuries today, travel marriage became popular marriage to celebrate means. The bell manager of travel agent of China of west lake of benefit state city tells a reporter, annual marriage busy season, of the newlywed go on a journey that each travel agent recieves the urban district many, among them many new personality that are travel marriage. Channel of Yunnan, Qingdao, Xinjiang, 9 stockaded village, even Europe, Maldives, became the popular option that newlywed travels.

Tradition marriage program 150 many link, save trouble of travel marriage save worry, romance is fresh

The reporter is in this locality sees a card about tradition marriage program on a famous forum, the card was described reach marriage banquet kind from date of affirmatory finish marriage, place, ceremony, end to bridal project, greatly small in all more than 150 link. Although, the detail that card place describes is not must do one by one in actual wedding neat, but what see traditional marriage feast not hard however is exquisite, this also became a youth to reject the reason of traditional wedding. The reporter asks about why to choose travel marriage, “ save worry, save trouble, romantic, fresh ” became the answer that interviews an object to happen to coincide almost.
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