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The bosom on wedding chooses beautifully and wear a law
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Adorn pectoral flower is a Western-style ceremony, often let a person take so hold forbid. Basically, if you are the emcee in important and formal circumstance, special guest, prize-giving person, the qualified flower that wear a bosom.

In wedding, man of bridegroom, partner, entertain, the father of emcee and bride needs pectoral flower. The bosom of bridegroom is beautiful, it is a bride normally in holding a flower in both hands advocate flower, this is when choosing a bride to hold a flower in both hands, also need to include one of important condition of the consideration. On the tradition, bridegroom will hold a flower in both hands to send a bride, next the bride is held in both hands oneself below one is picked in the flower, not be before the bosom of bridegroom.

The bosom of other guest is beautiful, with simple, small for the principle. Want to remember, pectoral flower and bag towel are an ornament, should have the effect that make the finishing point, do not want ground of a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role to make visual central point. A flower plus a few collocation all over the sky star kind floret is enough, must not make a bosom beautiful grow a bundle of flower. What the bosom spends is peduncular also cannot too long. Pectoral flower is to not be in originally of suit jacket left get, some exquisite business suit has in that position deduct a key point, it is the design of the flower that put a bosom. Custom pine is much now nevertheless, pectoral flower is not in right get also do not calculate discourteous. If did not buckle an eye off-the-pegly to be able to be put, the bosom spends park business suit to be gotten, peduncular and perpendicular downward, the place that aims shoe has been fastened can.

The bosom of ◎ elegance is beautiful

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