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Classroom: Unscramble origin of Western-style marriage formal attire
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Marriage gauze of white, it is the most important one part in contemporary and bridal culture, any country, besides him reservation the marriage formal attire of this nation is acted the role of outside, more and more new personality choose marriage gauze of white, white formal attire. White marriage gauze has become wedding to take the most typical delegate, woman as a child moment has the dream that has white gauze formal attire.

Her history looks be like of long standing and well established, do not cross the history more than 160 years actually.

Begin from Roman times, symbolic move celebrates joyously white, but before 19 centuries, the female does not have specific knot wedding to take, just be in the dress that marries to put on oneself to feel the most beautiful that day. Till British Victoria queen puts on gauze of the first white marriage, worldly woman adapted from now on the destiny on him wedding. Before this, the knot wedding of dress of British royalty personnel is taken all along very grand, a lapidary imperial crown, deserve to go up the evening dress that sets full gem silver to act the role of, coat of a fur wraps around outside. Victoria queen abandoned 1840 traditional and showily attire, put on a beautiful brocade formal attire, deserve to go up again surround the head gauze that has orange figure, resounding temporarily. Arrived 1850 between 1900, white also is symbolize richly. From this, royalty and brownstone new a form of address for one's wife in succession follow the lead of. Arrived at the beginning of 20 centuries, white representing's pure meaning passes with respect to Yuan Chao other. So white is the first selection color of formal attire normally, the beauty of more indicative bride and holy.

White marriage gauze makes the first selection of bridal marriage formal attire, but there also can be different custom in different country.

In the traditional wedding that is in many American places, have a kind of special demand to marriage formal attire of the bride, must have namely new, old, borrow, blue 4 characteristic. Alleged new, it is bridal place bridal white wedding is taken must be new. The mark wears what the new student lives to begin; Alleged old, it is the white gauze that wears on bridal head must be old. And it is the old yarn that the mother has used, express to never forget the favour of parents that foster; And borrowing is to show the white handkerchief that takes in bridal hand must be from cummer over there borrowed, the implied meaning is the friendly feelings that does not forget a friend; As to blue, the silken belt that wraps around on bridal body must be blue, indicative bride never ceases to be faithful to the faithfulness of love.

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