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What marry even if sleep together is happy
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When he sleeps, meet grind one's teeth. Zhi Zhi Zhi, zhi Zhi Zhi, resemble the mice that eats stealthily only. In one's childhood the president says the little boy of grind one's teeth, there is worm in abdomen. I am very curious, poke his lip, insert finger into his tooth to seam in, think out to help him pull that only small bug. —— within an inch of was bitten by him.

He was asleep not to like a family to touch.

I am cool the body that puts ice on the ice relies on to go, he subliminal push, it is the month before shutting the door to roll out a window. But his adversary is me bulk and disposition are very giant, lofty is not moved, he is keeping the action that postpones partly, was asleep again.

He can daydream now and then. Have one evening he sleeps first, I still am reading a book, he says suddenly, “ also is doing this thing when I am young. ” says very clearly, it is to grow the manner that talk. I say, “ what? He does not have ” goggle, “ I am young moment, also do present thing. I understand ” 3 minutes, does “ daydream? He still shuts ” have sth in mind, “ hum. ” the following day I ask him, the dream arrives what. His glare I, “ I all along not of somniloquy. ”

Allegedly I was asleep to be able to be hit breathe out. Cover the head in the quilt, like a piggy, ” of gently verbose of “ part of speech. He is pushed push me, I still am hit, he helped me cross a body, good, I did not make —— my start: “ is impossible. I am not hit breathe out. ” recalls guiltily however, I once was worn in the doze on conference, sleep lightly steeply, buccal go up damp is saliva completely, ask rapidly beside person, do I hit “ breathe out? ” he answers, “ is done not have. ” but perhaps, because we are not quite ripe still in those days,be only.

Allegedly I like to grab a quilt very much. Like tug-of-war very emphatically is grabbed, effort arrives greatly catching like wide-awake person help straw. Quilt of his catch at that. I stop half minutes, continue to grab. He still does not give. I take a rest again, grab next ah grab, grab him to cannot bear a bit heart, want to was inferior to calculating to me, I stop suddenly however all movements, was asleep thoroughly. Typical at a dash, again and decline, 3 and exhaust. Sometimes he defends lax, I break off handgrip quilt to reave, very be in the bosom and ground of be perfectly satisfied is held in the arms is not the lid is on the body, pass a little while again, throw it anyhow. Lucky, throw in crural head, star-crossed, he must get out of bed collect. This, may be true? When I remember a lot of times getting up, I am in this, the pillow is in that one, and quilt, did my quilt where go? Who moved my quilt? Is there the witch that likes a mischief really on this world?

I often daydream. Dream is bizarre, color magnificent, have dub in background music, have harmony, have come on the stage character. Tian Yiliang me excitedly tells him: Yesterday evening I am chased after to kill, seek some condition, I develop the drive that dead end spends madly suddenly, brandish knife breaks off that black clothes person two half. He is big goggle at eye sees me, say slowly: “ I should make a will. If I am mysterious,was missing one day, you are the first suspect certainly. ”
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