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How bridal chamber of choose and buy
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The one room that we say normally one hall, two rooms one hall, two rooms two defend one hall, 3 rooms one hall, it is most common door model, in addition still the residence that jump type, double entry residence, high-grade garden villa waits. The person that buy a house is in specific choice door model when need to note the following respects:  

The functional partition that treats a bedroom is reasonable, should avoid bevel angle space, reduce area of needless ” of “ blind angle and traffic area as far as possible. Look from customarily, living space should give a person to feel with stable, expanse, so the building wants Founder, such not only the decoration that is helpful for furniture, also have a good bedroom activity space to habitant.

Of the door leave to should reasonable, otherwise affects the illicit close sex of use space and bedroom.

Want consideration door model energy-saving, in order to reduce needless daily life expenses. When we are choosing housing, should choose to hide besides Xiaochu outdoor, the people such as living room, bedroom, study often mobile space uses direct daylighting, OK and managing the sources of energy. Different space should have relatively reasonable area inside unit. The “ that when normally people buys a house, says 3 big one small ” , it is ” of “ large kitchen, big toilet, stateroom, cubicle, be considered as the need that can satisfy people to live daily relatively. From bedroom function analysis, the area with reasonable kitchen is 4 square metre 棗 commonly between 5 square metre, kitchen cannot too narrow, due the smallest width. Of the praise highly in nowadays residence design is big toilet, bedroom of 3 house above should set two toilet, those who close set tub and w.c.pan, open open set bathtub and put washing machine, solve use fastigium the problem such as mutual interference. The reasonable area of the bedroom should be 13 棗 commonly between 14 square metre, the bedroom should have illicit close sex, quiet and comfortable drafty.

Choose good balcony, good balcony design is the door of be born balcony stateroom and expanse and room exterior color organic ground be in harmony is an organic whole, the line of sight of be suddenly enlightened always can give habitant a pure and fresh, frank tune.

The in-house clear height of the room wants appropriate, now, the lining clear height of majority commodity house goes to 2.7 meters in 2.5 meters between. What the person that buy a house needs to notice is: Enlarging living space is relatively easy, and tall to the layer dissatisfactory, cannot change truly.

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