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Choose a room 3 big principles
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Buying a room to be able to say is an important matter in common people life, everybody hopes to use fund on edge, buy a thing somewhat
The fine house of the value. How does price of a sex compare ability choose and buy tall, satisfactory residence? Carry a room to want to abide by 3 big principles:
Principle one: Characteristic and comparative importance is preferential
A few character that building place has, be like: The position, price. Annulus of type of project name, floor, bedroom, front, community
The condition, can describe the basic state that gives a building, distinguish at other house or product. Pass contrast, the building different special
The gender undertakes contrast, first consideration is more serious to oneself, oneself more the respect that take a fancy to.
For instance, a of the 2 house of an urban district and suburb 3 house, total prices is similar, urban head is good, door model general,
But traffic is convenient; Of the suburb antipodal, door model good, front is common, traffic not very is convenient, but price petty gain, area is large,
Many room! The main distinction of this two flatlet depends on type of traffic, bedroom (area) and door model front, if you are an office worker,
You choose the urban district: If your family member is much, that is covered then with respect to what choose a suburb. If hope to buy those who cover big drop already, also hope
Traffic is convenient, so you are about to consider integratedly, be traffic important or is the house a bit bigger important? Final result should be to choose
Choose is more important on one hand (bad to overcome on one hand) .
Principle 2: Not exacting and perfect
Each respect can be nonexistent on the house grain border of give attention to two or morethings, as a result of the market refine and individuation, pursuit is perfect will be one
Very difficult issue, and the error that is immersed in a choose and buy easily. Perhaps contrast in end room choose and buy so in the center, should put attention in
The the most important, most crucial a few aspects.
For instance, your settle on a place is good, the three-room flat with likely also price, but door model the design is very not good, front also not
It is too good! But consider, the house that buys this position with such price has calculated compare a cost, live rise to be done not have completely
What problem, quite big, thing has the place the ground is put, door model still can mix through decorating indoor transform will make up for, although furniture is furnished
Feel unwell a bit, want to change the position that furniture furnishs only, not be the question with too big what. Always need not stay in the home by day,
With a western exposure can be solved through sunshade and shutter, so front also is no problem. The most crucial live, respect of the position, price
Hold out satisfaction letting a person, very value.
Principle 3: Tall sex price is compared preferential
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