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How does energy-saving residence choose the knowledge that choose a room
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Outside heat preservation wall: At present the wall body of a few energy-saving residences and floor and common concrete are compared, more sound insulation is adiabatic.

Big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, small enter deep: Such house daylighting is good, won't have ” of “ black room, and can utmost ground is accomplished ventilated breathe freely.

Bright hutch, bright defend: Choice bright hutch, bright defend, the room that allows these two the easiest and dirty moisture becomes clean.

Energy-saving glazing: At present energy-saving glass has the glass of hollow plated film of function of double and adiabatic sound insulation, such vitreous the four seasons sits before the window to won't feel apparent climate changes.

Appropriate wall window scale: The window is too large with energy-saving architectural concept be contrary to. If must choose French window, be about to see pane is hollow multilayer perhaps high grade glass. This kind of glass conducts heat than general glass coefficient is low, also can increase indoor easy consequently measurable.

New wind system: New wind system uses an air to change a system, after can filtering the fresh air outdoor, pass into indoor, often return beautiful than opening window effect. Because open a window little, room temperature also more not easy change.

Outside wall color is light: Science considers to prove, colour jumps over heavy color to jump over easy absorption of heat, this makes room temperature lifts easily. Residence of choice light color is more energy-saving.

Greenbelt area wants big: Cement road surface is overmuch, lou Panzhong can form ” of “ cement desert, produce hot island effect thereby.

Solar energy water heater: The estate business that has forward position consciousness has begun to develop the residence of solar energy water heater and building unifinication design.

In water facilities: The benefit that uses water circularly is very apparent, protected water natural resources already, can reduce property cost again.

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