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Investment house property: "Raise a house with the room " need to prevent 6 gale
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5. House property is backward risk. House property development always is generation receives generation to more reasonable design, updated housing materials facility, more the way that accords with information age requirement develops. Accordingly, because house property is backward, can create the risk that house property value falls.

6. Mortgage still shift a risk. If still borrow the forehead to hold income or asset proportion bigger, once appear,send survival without the business that expects to borrow difficulty in the future, criterion the house has the risk that is accepted by the bank.

From look on the whole, the empty buy rate of commodity house is at present higher. The empty buy room in estate business hand is more, the risk that “ raises room ” with the room is bigger. Sell when the house of estate business when going out, they in the market undersell and demand a low price are rental, especially estate business gives a bank house pledge at the same time, when renting the house at the same time, risk of small investor susceptive is bigger. Because this reminds “ to raise the investor of room ” with the room, must Shen Zhi careful, because invest blindly,avoid and suffer a loss.

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