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Investment house property: "Raise a house with the room " need to prevent 6 gale
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The person that at present this city “ raises room ” with the room is absent a few. Alleged “ raises room ” with the room, have 3 kinds of kind commonly: It is rental old house, with bank of earning hire liquidate loan purchases bridal chamber. 2 it is investment buys a house, rental still borrow. After buying the bridal chamber that one apply mechanically comes from, buy to hire valence again tall, appreciate big house uses latent capacity technically to rent, with every month steady hire income repays the loan principal and interest of two houses. 3 it is will old house sell or mortgage, buy bridal chamber again.

General “ raises room ” kind with the room, basically be to satisfy the need that buys a room to raise fund. In recent years the development as estate market, “ raises room ” to act to be heated up more more with the room, begin by buy a room purely to raise fund behavior evolves to buy a room to invest behavior into a kind, formed a bridal chamber of new investment group ——— inside estate domain east. But since be investment,can have a risk, “ raises room ” with the room not exceptional also. Use “ to raise room ” means to be secured besides every months with the room outside wanting to pay a bank loan principal and interest and property administration fee, bear even rental income not stable, property devalues wait for a variety of risks. Remind the person that “ raises room ” with the room here, be necessary beware of 6 kinds of risks:

1. Room city fluctuant risk. The fluctuation of praedial value wants relative to the stock market a few smaller, but still have fluctuant risk, below certain and specific situation, range of its wave motion is very big still. Burst hind or economic crisis reach the ” of end of estate “ bubble that forming high price especially economic depression period more such.

2. The risk that supply demand relations changes. Of the supply quantity of house property and client the relation that buying an amount effectively is dynamic change. When supply buys an amount more than, the value of house property moves downward commonly.

3. Communal environment risk. House property value and its located communal environment stand or fall are contacted together. Communal environment produces bad change as a result of urban developing problem, stagnation of region of opposite perhaps other not before and those who cause is backward wait, can form a venture to house property value.

4. Humanitarian environment risk. Generally speaking, the humanitarian environment stand or fall of project of a house property, with its house property value becomes scale increase and decrease. Same house differs in humanitarian environment the value of the area, often can have very big difference. If appear community is humanitarian the environment changes difference, public security is undesirable wait for a circumstance, so such house property goes out to devalue now is affirmation.
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