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How is area of commodity house apportion limitted?
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According to " computation of area of sale of Beijing commodity house and guild regulations of of short duration of apportion of public floor area are decided " ( of word of authority of canal of Beijing land room 2000  the 369th) , = of area of commodity house sale is covered inside the public floor area of apportion of floor area + . Concerned regulation is as follows:

Principle of apportion of public floor area

(One) commodity house is public the apportion of floor area with for the unit. The public floor area that part of one's job of every commodity house spreads out is covered by its inside floor area occupies this building to be covered each set inside the proportion of floor area the sum is certain.

(2) the public floor area that serves for whole commodity house, by this building each cover commodity house share; For the public floor area that local limits serves, by what be benefited each cover commodity house share.

For many times share is public of floor area, calculate respectively apportion coefficient. Each cover the public floor area that commodity house part of one's job spreads out, for the sum of public floor area of each apportion.

(3) after apportion of public floor area, do not differentiate to cover commodity house booth to get the specific place of floor area each, anybody does not get embezzlement or change the use function of original design.

But the public floor area of apportion

() old hall, communal hallway, corridor, corridor, public toilet, report (building) between room of room of control of well of path of computer room of well of ladder antechamber, stair well, elevator, elevator, rubbish, conduit, fire control, water pump, cistern, refrigerator room.

(2) set inside the wall outside be being reached with the midfeather between public construction space (include frontispiece) wall system level is umbriferous the half of the area.

Do not answer plan the public construction airspace that enter

(One) the basement that regards people's air defense as the project, storehouse, motor vehicle library, blame is room of boiler of motor vehicle library, driveway, heating, alone the independence that has use function uses a space.

(2) unit of carry out house the building of self-supporting, for private use.

Share is public the computational method of floor area

The public floor area of apportion is covered inside floor area × is public floor area the sum. / of public floor area covers coefficient of public construction apportion inside floor area the sum. Floor area of public floor area is whole architectural - set inside floor area the sum - do not answer the floor area of apportion.

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