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Affirm about the area in the contract that buy a house reach area difference to
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How does error processing technique agree

Because the contract shows,model essay mentions expressly the 5th times originally: The valuation way that chooses according to party undertakes for the basis the area affirms reach area difference processing, buy room person so filling in the 5th when the valuation means that should fill in to choose with the 4th affirms relative to answering area reach area difference to handle.

Had mentioned in front, by set inside floor area valuation differs to equally shared at buying room person to was not bought area, if press contract model,the 5th mere agreement is covered inside the processing technique of floor area occurrence error, cannot put an end to certain estate business carries new area cat grime, equally shared for instance the area narrows scale is more than set inside floor area is contractible scale, buying room person apparently should be in an unfavorable situation. Because this suggests the person that buy a house consults " Beijing land natural resources and building management board are executed about commodity house set inside the announcement of concerned problem of floor area valuation " in about economy applicable housing area appears the processing technique of the error, strive for and estate business complement agrees: After “ building complete, according to computation of data of area actual measurement, cover with what buying housing inside when the room money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of settle accounts of floor area valuation is more than the room cost that purchases close an account of valuation of housing area value with place, purchase cost of room of settle accounts of housing area value by place. ” can be striven for of course and ’ of floor area of “‘ of estate trade agreement and ‘ are covered inside when the error of the actual measurement area of floor area ’ and contract agreement area happens to geometric ratio grows or do not change reversely, be being chosen by the person that buy a house is with ‘ floor area ’ still is covered with ‘ inside the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of room of error settle accounts of floor area ’ , if allow to accumulate error absolute value to exceed 3% at the same time among them, the average per capita that buy a house has the right to remove contract ” is more ideal.

Additional, the person that buy a house is best the specific processing technique that can agree layer tower above shows an error, the layer is tall become the chance that estate business can get another times probably.

Because the “ in buying room person to must notice the 5th to retain a contract designs change to create area difference, both sides does not remove of the contract, ought to sign compensatory agreement ” this word, agree the circumstance that return a house issues estate business to pay the specific interest rate of accrual clearly.
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