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Affirm about the area in the contract that buy a house reach area difference to
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In issue of commodity house business, area problem place holds proportion the biggest. Certain not quite the weakness that the estate business of “ custom ” exploits the person that buy a house to do not have ability answer to measure whole architectural floor area, the old on the area dirt that get a cat, let buy room person filling pay on one hand the money buying a house of 3% , let 3% the person that buy a house is little on the other hand inside floor area. The practice of estate business makes the person that buy a house wants to look for what increase not only not clear equally shared the area fills make the money that buy a house, pay property all sorts of fee such as service fee and heating cost for its all the year round even, can say this indescribable cost wants to accompany lifetime of the person that buy a house.

The person that buy a house should avoid to be in an unfavorable situation on area problem, be about to be in conventional contract the 3rd, 4, fluctuate 5 times some of kongfu.

Area concept wants to make clear

Already carried out mapping by the unit that has qualification of house property mapping, the floor area that and mapping achievement already passed estate administration director branch examine and verify passes registers an area for property right. Buy those who open to booking commodity house to buy room person to answer commonly crossed contract the 3rd in [property right is registered] option, reservation [the contract agrees] option, be sure to be in contract the 3rd in at the same time the agreement is clear that floor area is mixed set inside floor area, possible sentence can strive for much agreement again one is covered inside usable floor area, so that oneself are measured, clear balcony is [enclosed] , or [blame is enclosed] .

Commodity house floor area by cover inside the composition of mutual floor area of floor area and apportion, cover inside floor area by set inside usable floor area and set inside wall body area and balcony area composition. The utilization rate that people often says is to cover inside of usable floor area and floor area than. Design reasonable building utilization rate usually, high-level tower residence is about between 72%—75% , house of high-level board building is about between 78%—80% , multilayer residential building is in about 85% the left and right sides. The utilization rate that him computation buys a house can be carried first before the person that buy a house buys a building, are the design that will judge a house and price reasonable?

The person that buy a house covers in the agreement inside the following problems should note when floor area:

1. Set inside floor area is contained set inside wall body area, although outside the wall has an in part only ply plan is entered set inside floor area, but for the house to bricky structure, rock-bottom wall put oneself in another's position is large, the wall system of superstratum is small, so similar unit, upstairs and downstair cover inside usable floor area or discriminating; Same layer will tell, although be covered identically inside floor area, cover the unit of the unit inter of horn that compare clip inside usable floor area also is met a few smaller.
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