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How to undertake Fasdf of bridal chamber choose and buy
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Photography deserves mediumly to act the role of cannot do not have in the result in marriage gauze photography, it adds perfect brushstroke for modelling of whole new personality not only, and can reflect more to the queen's taste photography style.
Flower of the headdress flower, head decoration that holds the flower, tie-in —— bride that deserves to act the role of in both hands, bosom, hold a flower in both hands due integral consistency, consider the style of oneself figure and formal attire, facial expression.

Headdress flower is given priority to with the flower normally, if be man-made to spend, need to notice its are qualitative material must too won't inflexible, arise in order to avoid on integral modelling abrupt.

The bride holds a flower in both hands to should notice to be held in both hands light and easily, cooperate a figure, suit to become Ji Jijie, ornamental design with delicate and cabinet for beautiful.

Deserving to act the role of on, the glove is necessary, the norms of the glove can be divided for short, long, half arm, material can be divided wait for flower of silken, damask, silk, the headdress flower that above place narrates, in holding flower, glove in both hands to be covered in bag of marriage gauze inn promising bride preparation, just want the collocation that asks its are complete, not easy, new personality also can look for a beautiful store that has reputation to do more delicate and special design.

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