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First " marry " hind " marry " marriage common
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The marriage common of the Tatar nationality having a unique style, marry bridegroom “ first namely ” goes out, next again “ marries ” to come back. Marital process is, via seek a marriage alliance of call at sb's house of go-between again and again, if woman parent is promised, the man issues betrothal gift to the woman again, call “ library to pull Ke Suiyun to cut ” , give a complete set of of bridal cap-a-pie dress namely. Had issued betrothal gift, calculate namely be engaged.

By Dadaer the person's tradition is used to, wedding is in bridal home to hold, marry bridegroom “ first namely ” goes out. Marry a few days ago, the article of the edible when the man wants an all clothing that makes for the bride, cooking utensils, display and wedding and oneself “ dotal ” sends the woman the home, the gift that includes bridal father and mother among them (call “ the gram with special ” ) . When the night of newly-married, “ of type of bridegroom solicit comments is married ” went.

Get married the ceremony of ” is very interesting also. This day, bridegroom is accompanied in what accompany man and close friends below, take car of mount a horse, young plays accordion, in spirits ground sings “ of song of popularity of tower tower Er ” of a few Er, all the way reaching the sky of sound of add to the fun of singing, tweedle, whistle, loud cry, head for get married of the bride's side vast and mightily. When the setting sun fall on the west, bridegroom and partner man people one pedestrian come to bridal home. Should circle compound to turn first at this moment circuit, just arrive next before the door. And at the moment gate of the bride's side lock is worn, bridegroom should display gift gift to go in. After, bridegroom takes a door, to bedside, have a meal, want to send happy money.

Spousal receives Mohammedan canon to undertake, first classics of You Afu Song, enquire whether newlywed is willing, wait for both sides of male and female to answer “ to be willing after ” , again You Afu sweet water of region of a cup of syrup) send bridegroom and bridal compotation, indicative and sweet hoary head arrives old, the ceremony finishs person bridal chamber. The following day bridegroom should pay a formal visit in the morning farther-in-law mother, come home hold a party, conduct all sorts of entertainment activities, return farther-in-law home again in the evening.

After marriage, bridegroom and bride want to live in the bride's side a period, 3 some months, some half an year, after some should have given birth to a child even, ability returns the bridegroom's or husband's family.

The Tatar nationality treats husband as treating one's own children same enthusiasm. During the woman is lived in, farther-in-law, mother-in-law should take out superior food entertainment son, like making husband feels the life to be as the life in the bride's side in him home warm.
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