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Husband and wife make the past history of the law
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Be in our country folk, constant each other calls “ husband ” , “ wife ” between husband and wife. Is this how come?

According to legend this address appears the earliest at Tang Dynasty, already had more than 1000 years up to now.

When Tang Chao, have a scholar that is called Mai Aixin, he is taken an examination of in after the scholarly honour and official rank, become aware oneself wife is aged color declines, arose to cold-shoulder old wife, again the idea of accept new sweetheart. Then, wrote a pair of the first line of a couplet on a scroll to put on record head: “ carry on one's shoulder defeats lotus incomplete, return to the roots into old lotus root. ” happens, couplet was seen by his wife. The wife became aware to have the idea that abandons old take in the fresh-take in new Party members to the husband from inside couplet meaning, carried pen add to write the second line of a couplet: Yellow paddy of “ standing grain is ripe, blow branny see rice shows new food. ” carries on his shoulder or back to “ with ” of paddy of “ standing grain lotus ” , with “ new food ” is opposite ” of “ old lotus root, rectify to getting ten division of labor not only apt, novel and common, and, ” of “ new food and homophonic of “ bride ” , be full of humor. Mai Aixin read the second line of a couplet of the wife, be moved with sincere love place adroitly by the creativeness of the wife, abandoned abandoning the idea of old take in the fresh-take in new Party members. The wife sees marital change one's views, do not forget old affection, pen you brandish writes: “ husband is very fair. ” Mai Aixin also brandish pen add wrote the second line of a couplet: “ wife heart of a mother-in-law. ”

This story that contains educational content sheds get round very quickly, for generations is passed for a much-told story, from now on, there were “ husband ” and “ wife ” in Chinese these two words, what folk also had the each other between husband and wife to call “ husband ” and “ wife ” is consuetudinary.

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