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Banquet of new personality marriage proposes a toast formal
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After marriage banquet has period of time, can guest wants to express congratulant desire publicly to new personality, propose a toast the activity spreads out then, and can be under bridesman arrangement, land add add undertakes. On the marriage banquet with royal occasion, prepare microphone without fail, let each guest that proposes a toast to new personality microphone can be used, let guest be worn microphone proposes a toast to new personality. You can discover, propose a toast whole marriage banquet process kinescope is saved come down, it is a good idea. Because of by kinescope, important matter general is able to leave a so important life Mi Zuzhen's expensive record, be in bring you a lot of joy in the future.


No matter be,can or in rehearse dinner on formal marriage dinner, proposing a toast is very important and indispensable one annulus. Nevertheless, plant as planting the history is ages ago formal and general, when proposing a toast, also a certain number of ceremony should try to abide by. For example: Accept the person that propose a toast to need not drink, simply sits on the seat, the smile faces the person that propose a toast.


When wanting to propose a toast, if there is more of 10 guests even between banquet, stand up without fail. If be to be in the number is less, on the circumstance that each other are familiar with, can sit to propose a toast. To cause the attention of other, can say an opening remarks first, be like “ everybody lady, each gentleman, I think Xiang Mou some gentleman (young lady) respect a wine ” ; Also perhaps need not say so formally surely, when wanting acoustical signal to noise ratio to talk normally only said “ greatly I want to say ” of a few words now. Nevertheless, if you are,draw other attention in order to beat the way of a cup of edge, but must not too exert oneself to do sth. too, once exerted oneself to do sth. 3 times at least like myself excessive, and give the cup knock defeated!


The every time on marriage banquet proposes a toast time is unfavorable more than 3 minutes. Accordingly, should avoid east pull pull on the west perpetual. When presenting his compliment to new personality, humorous and consideration, humor, forthright and sincere can be conveyed in speech touching, OK even and joking, these are not affect the whole. Your mood is OK and solemn, OK also and alert and resourceful humorous is interesting. Nevertheless, the most important is, you should beforehand drilling

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