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Taiwanese marriage etiquette and custom
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Marry eve

Hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to: The man wants hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to an ancestor the day before yesterday in wedding, inform marriage wants to hold.

Anqing ceremony: According to character 8, building to etc, do obeisance to mother bed.

The day of great rejoicing

Ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for: The man goes out before marrying, should first ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for.

Greet close: Greet close motorcade to be beautiful with even numbers, the multiple of 6 is optimal.

Light prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun: Greet close ceremony car to should set off bamboo of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to congratulate in order to show in journey.

Feed sister desk: Before the bride sets out, should have a meal together with family, represent departure, everybody should say lucky word.

Ask bridegroom: Ceremony car comes when the bride's side, male child hold bridegroom of tea tray await respectively, after bridegroom gets off, give the boy is red fierce answer ceremony, enter the bride's side.

Denounce happy event: Bridegroom and woman home person meet after saying hello to, should hold hold a flower in both hands to give wait for married bride, right now bridal sister or good friend answer sedulous obstruct. After classics bridegroom requests with 999 yuan red bag ceremony clinchs a deal, analogy is long.

Build head gauze: After bridegroom grants to hold a flower in both hands, put down bridal head gauze and pull a hall. Take leave of: Bridegroom and bride go up sweet hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor, the bride knocks at the maternity that do obeisance to father to fasten, close Lang Hang bows ceremony can.

Go out: The bride holds bamboo to act the role of by the woman elder member of family with blessing high share or black umbrella walks into ceremony car.

Ceremony car: Should hang come by the root foliaceous bamboo, there is trailing plants Pu on the root, meaning “ completely ” ; Ceremony car is rear the bamboo of the Eight Diagrams that has picture of red and black is acted the role of.

Respect fan: Before car of the ceremony on the bride, by the any of the twelve animals lucky male child tea tray of the park that hold fan gives a bride, the bride gives red Bao Li. Do not say good-bye: When everybody should leave woman door, cannot say good-bye to woman family absolutely.

Sprinkle water: After car of the ceremony on the bride, woman parent scatters a bowl of clear water, paddy and rice to the bride, representing a daughter already was to sprinkle the water that go out, wish a daughter at every turn has, have eat have wear.

Cast fan: After ceremony car is started, the bride casts fan to the window outside, call abandon strength; Cast should cry a few times after fan and in bamboo of ceremony car rear cover the sieve resembles a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale numerous.
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