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Of traditional marriage common -- marry piece
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Wedding day shortly, the men and women should kill a pig twice to slaughter chicken, prepare wedding breakfast, ask etc of room of good chef, attendant, a matron of honour, chair man, Zhang, a private assistant attending to legal to help the personnel regularly doing certain odd jobs that handles affairs together even. After these people are applied for, should arrive namely before today in what marry advocate the home begins the work, had made receive the preparative job that places a banquet in person.

Traditional wedding is “ of morning of the bride's side gets married commonly wine ” , the bridegroom's or husband's family places happy banquet midday; If be accept husband (the —— that enrol man male to the bride's side) criterion conversely.

Everything prepares with respect to foreword hind, the bridegroom's or husband's family cries play music of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, hair litter is greeted close. Go-between forerunner,

The bride's side is before arrival of bridal sedan chair, want to prepare happy banquet. The girl should be combed by mother or elder sister good head, wring with silk thread go the nap on the face, had made up, calling “ opens facial ” , act the role of next on short embroidered cape of phoenix coronet glow, meng Shanggong cloth covers a head, wait to greet close bridal sedan chair.

The bridal sedan chair arrives, the bride's side moves photograph of Le Ming artillery piece to greet. After fierce close team enters central room of the bride's side, the bridal sedan chair has fallen, bridegroom knocks at wife's mother of Bai Yue father, show those who go up to had been written with its father name is bright red greet close brief stick. It is the bride's side is moved then happy open banquet. Between banquet, go-between and bridegroom want a few more scrupulous, because Chinese folk has many won'ting do of article consuetudinary, in 3 days of newly-married, the of the same generation of Qi Youzhong kissing friend and junior adolescent are OK it is uniquely on go-between and bridegroom body make up perform a few little comedy, those who say for “ the ” that wash intermediary and “ hang red ” (rural common calls “ He Xin guest ” ) . The rice bowl lower level that bridal elder brother's wife perhaps is containing bridegroom ambuscades face of half bowls of chili; Bridal little sister will be special when pour wine wipe ash of bottom of a boiler to elder sister's husband. . . . . Can increase the small farce of festive atmosphere to these, go-between and bridegroom should be allowed although might as well,let —— also the body ” that the “ path with its person still treats its person, make reprisals smally, but cannot get angry absolutely however, draw well, be the same as even advocate guest din, scuffle.

After early banquet, after the to the bride ancestor memorial tablet below the bridegroom bride guiding in go-between and elder had saluted, a matron of honour but help by the arm is worn charming is spent on the bride. Go up when litter, the bride mights as well cry a few times, in order to show the attaching of pair of parents family.
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