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The marriage common of the Hui nationality
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Wait for a reason because of dietary habit and religious belief, there is more religion in marriage common formal with ethical characteristic.

The Hui nationality executes the marriage inside the nation, before liberating, with marriage of people not of the same clan limitation is compared strict, more to the woman's confine, woman divorce is not for instance free, widow remarry suffers discrimination to wait. These circumstances after liberating already had very about-face.

The marriage common of Ningxia the Hui nationality does not have distinguishing feature, because live in mountains and rivers-land, urban and rural different, marriage is consuetudinary also agree very much.

Be in a country commonly, young men and women hits it off perfectly, wish to written guarantee happy match, woman family should look ” of family financial situation to man “ above all, treat the condition such as the man's condition and humanness namely, if each respect is satisfactory, immediately passes go-between reply. After the man gets good news, take very quickly together with go-between meet the ceremony says to woman home: “ color two eye ” , woman parent is happy receive “ expression two eye ” , make clear agree with two formally allied, the daughter is made no longer with other. After this, man home picks an auspicious day day, send betrothal gift to be engaged. The ” of “ son child that woman home also gives future accordingly prepares the gift such as the garment, cap, shoe. Arrived to marry this day, in bilateral home lively all the more.

Spousal basically is, just finished please above all in the morning that day the imam of ” of “ morning ceremony and pull completely excellent in cross “ Er Mai Li ” , express to be thankful to what how pull. It is for bridegroom by imam the bride reads aloud “ Buddhist nun to block haing ” next (attend card marriage speech with Arabic) , ask bridegroom whether the bride wishs to written guarantee for husband and wife. After the answer agrees, announce in public by imam: “ from now on, you two formal tieses are husband and wife. ” and admonish to want each other to respect each other love to new personality, hoary head arrives old, after the ceremony ends, be lively “ makes fun of bridegroom ” .

Some places even husband's father and mother kittenish, the kid that the parents of bridegroom comes by bee leap up uses black ash of the prepared Chinese ink that gets ready already or boiler bottom, facial Tu Hei, in order to add bridal festive atmosphere. The night of newly-married even “ is troubled by bridal chamber ” . Young men and women people let bridegroom bride uniquely perform “ program ” , both neither exceed what is proper, make again person split one's sides with laughter unceasingly, lively and unusual. Bridegroom accompanies bridal “ to answer door ” after 3 days, return a married woman's parents' home namely.
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