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One of traditional marriage common -- act as a matchmaker piece
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Give and accept of “ of feudal society men and women does not kiss ” , emphasize “ sky raining without the cloud, close ” won'ts do without intermediary on the ground. Both sides of male and female wants classics person commonly from which bring two parties together, ability “ writtens guarantee filar collect ” , ” of advance of “ humorous the Qin Dynasty, “ knot connects manage ” , “ connects the good ” of 2 surnames. This kind of bring two parties together, call “ act as a matchmaker ” . After founding a state, ” of “ act as a matchmaker ever changed call “ to do introductory ” , do the person that this kind of bring two parties together works, by people elegant call “ month old ” , common calls “ go-between ” , change later call “ introducer ” .

“ month old ” namely the abbreviation of “ matchmaker ” . According to " Tang Ren novel " account, the scholar evening that has a firm calling Wei passes Song Cheng all right, meet an old person recumbent a large bag sits in roadside, browse below moon a big book. Good hall ground asks Wei Gu him to those who turn over check is what book. Old person answer says, this is the marital book of the world person. Wei Gu asks an old person that to there is what thing in large bag again. Old person answer says: “ is holding red string, go fastening male and female foot with it, as long as one male one female foot is fastened on a red rope, although they are the Chou Jia of absolutely irreconcilable, or be apart 10 thousand lis foreign land person, regular also meeting forms a couple. ” so, people says a gleam of of the fate brings lovers together of “ a thousand li pulls ” . “ if matchmaker need not of red line fasten, or else can reach one point. ” sees people to go-between awe-stricken.

Go-between returns ” of soubrette of the “ that be called. The talent Yuan Zhen of Tang Dynasty has written " warbler warbler is passed " , shaped the image of a clever and lively slave-girl soubrette among them. She sets scheme opportunely again and again, matched the marriage of Zhang Sheng and warbler warbler young lady eventually. Yuan acting Wang Shifu is written into according to this story " compartment is written down on the west " , among them the soubrette's figure is more clever and lovely. People says go-between with generation of “ soubrette ” , the attention that showed pair of go-between and friendly.

Act as a matchmaker is not a comfortable thing, this from go-between by the person elegant call “ to put person ” , “ on the ice to put axe ” on the ice to be able to know. According to " Jin Shu " account, plan of Xiao Lianling fox made a dream, dream of him bifurcation to be in ice, the person that lays with ice talks. All alone explains this dream says: You are in “ ice the person that lays with ice talks, this is symbolizing you are mediating yin and yang, harmonic yin and yang makes vehicle namely, you will give others matchmaking. But this intermediary is done not easily, the passion that should use you melted ice, both sides of male and female just can get married. ” looks, matchmaking needs enthusiasm and will.
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