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The meaning of ring
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Allegedly left-hand ring finger has a blood-vessel to be contacted with the heart directly, so new personality must wear wedding ring on the left hand ring finger of the other side with one's own hands.
  loves you to arrive in the heart! Would rather be your love and be initiated into monkhood be initiated into monkhood!

The right hand and left hand have different sense.
Little finger of   right hand: Do not talk about love.
Ring finger of   right hand: In be passionately in love.
Middle finger of   right hand: Renown flower has advocate.
Forefinger of   right hand: Lone noble.
Little finger of   left hand: Not marriage a group of things with common features.
Ring finger of   left hand: Marry.
Middle finger of   left hand: Be engaged.
Forefinger of   left hand: Maiden
Thumb is the meaning of situation of right of representation, also can make self-confident meaning.

Wearing ring is to have cultured. For the traditional habit that presses the west, what left hand shows is the lot that god gives you, accordingly, ring wears leftward to go up normally.
The more popular Dai Fa on  international is: Forefinger ——— wants to marry, express maiden; Middle finger ——— has been in love; Ring finger ——— expresses to had been engaged or marry; Little finger ——— expresses celibate.
  as to the right hand, there also is a hand to show when to wearing ring, be significant on the tradition, that is ring finger. Wear allegedly here, express to have the heart sex of nun.
  still has a kind of ring, wear when you it when, no matter you are worn,do not have any senses where, this kind of ring is average beautiful drop. This kind of ring is an action of a kind of illuminative, can wear go up in any finger that you think to wear.
Ring is worn is very strange on big toe, because this is not recommended. Ring is worn go up in forefinger, the feeling is to quite the individual advocates. The formallest nothing is more... than that wear a law is worn go up in middle finger, if do not want to have too formal feeling, can be in left or right point to add a simple ring again. The ring on ring finger is wedding ring normally, ring finger grows more finely, because of this no matter what ring, dai Qi comes is a standard is delicate. The freshest Dai Fa, nothing is more... than wears ring on little finger head. Small, simple end give up, the hand that invites a female is indescribable the ground is lovely rise, I think general delegate “ only now lone, do not waste time to go after the meaning of my ” please.

When wearing design sex to compare strong ring, if want to have individual color more, can consider collocation another material pledges the ring with identical, simpler line is in another point to on. If the material of ring pledges attribute can match with watch, that is had better not pass. For example what you wear is a lovely beautiful ring, with respect to the list that can distribute casing of a coriaceous gold. If you are done not have too much and OK when the watch of commutation or ring, might as well the consideration staggers ringed hand and the hand that wear watch, do not let incongruous two deserve to act the role of in same appear on the hand only.
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