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The introduction of national standard wedding film a year is still the unspoke
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Wedding national standard has been introduced one year, however, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia shop wedding photography wedding photos taken for the customer, personal photo into the book the film is not set, if customers want to buy back still need to spend extra money, do not send the film is still the capital of wedding photography industry, the "hidden rules." Yesterday, the reporter visited the capital, some of the we dding photography shop understand that customers want to get back into their books that look good but not the film, then an additional payment, over the years, this has become an unwritten rule. In addition to photos into the book, the additional film wedding photography shop in the capital, according to reputation, the different operating costs, etc., the cost of delivery of each film there are 10 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan, and at different price points, and finally engraved wedding photography shop for customers into a disc. In recent days, is getting married wedding photographs of Mr Heng said: "The bridal salon is forcing customers as the 'secondary consumer'. But a lifetime to end such a marriage, bridal salon photographs into the book in addition to the other, there are some favorite photos or would like to leave as souvenirs, spending money to spend it. "Ms. Sun believes that the approach is somewhat unreasonable bridal salon, bridal salon a few more photos into the film is to register customers are better able to choose This should be the scope of their services, a second charge is unreasonable. In this regard, wedding photography shops have their own view, "the life of the camera is limited, the number of times a camera is limited, each rotation will be on the loss of the shutter. Although the introduction of national standard, but we are not in accordance with the national standard to implementation, this bridal salon business will be affected. "located in Hohhot, North Road, New City, a facade Hulunbeier smaller wedding photography shop owner surnamed Zhang said. Zhang boss also disclosed that they received only 10 yuan here each film is a low capital, some well-known wedding photography shops can reach the highest asking price 40,50 yuan, while the actual cost of the film is the same, all the wedding Hohhot Store the film in one place. Yesterday, the reporters once again contact Vicki at the Drum Tower near the bride bridal salon, a staff member claimed to shop for the real locations to shoot out of the photo effects and quality are very good. This naturally will result in higher prices charged film, a personal photo collection in order to carved plates, sets of lines outside the film received 30 yuan each, each wedding film will have 50. December 2009, China's first "Marriage Celebration Service" introduced national standards, which provides wedding service companies to make public services, service personnel and fees, when the audio and video products delivered to the wedding in the process of recording all the raw data, including film, video tapes, digital information, etc. be delivered to customers. Hohhot, market supervision and consumer protection Minister Zhang Zhi Federation, said the national standard which provides for free will to film, video and other digital information delivery to the customer, but the film has become clear that additional charges under the regulation of market economy, prices, production costs which the cost of fees and other factors exist, bridal salon may also consider the cost of their own pricing. Customers select the bridal salon to take pictures, as long as the consensus of the parties can be. For wedding photography shop charges more than the capital of different phenomena, the reporter interviewed the price supervision and inspection bureau of Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission staff surnamed Lin, who told reporters that the film optical discs may not be charged in the case of market competition generated, photo are works of art, there are copyright issues, part of the bridal salon is also possible to attract customers out of the cheap, as long as the price tag, the current charges are normal behavior.
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