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Please wedding companies wedding hotel to charge "admission"
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Set the wedding hotel, because the company is not using the wedding contract with the hotel company, the hotel to charge admission. Recently, Miss Lee, who lives with her boyfriend Castle encountered such a Xiqiao Shi. Miss Lee and her boyfriend's wedding scheduled for next March, the most important part is to set a dinner for hotel guests. Dwell in the details with a hotel, the hotel said the wedding to make a contract offer wedding services, wedding, if Miss Lee to use other companies to charge admission. Miss Lee also asked a number of wedding hotel, the other party have raised the amount to charge different admission fees ranging from 500-1500 yuan. Some hotels signed 2-3 wedding companies, larger choice, but consumers such as the wedding with the hotel sign outside the company, still receive free admission. Later, Miss Lee to the Castle Peak area Consumers Association consultation. Yesterday, the Castle Peak Consumers Association told, according to "People's Republic of Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that: consumers have to choose the right products or services. Hotel wedding service is compulsory consumption bundle, violated the right of free choice of consumers, but also a violation of the principle of fair competition.
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