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New houses should be noted that elements of the decoration
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1, the signing of the contract carefully decorated. Some consumers signed contracts with the decoration more casual, do not seriously look at terms of the contract terms of the contract is not clear, do not ask vague terms, so that is difficult to determine responsibility for generating a complaint. In this regard, the consumer must pay attention to the signing of the contract, the specific materials used, model, renovation completion date stated in the contract, to guard against shoddy decoration company, schedule delays and other incidents. 2, the price of a pretty good idea of the decoration. Many consumers worry that prices will impact the quality of the decoration, decoration fear of tampering in the construction process, offer the decoration is not carefully checked. In this regard, the consumer must be the line before the decoration with their actual income, the price of the renovation idea. Meanwhile, the price of materials used to make some understanding, choice of decoration companies offer comparison. Attention should also be treated carefully in the renovation process, the company's additional investment decoration suggestions, do not easily change the decoration items, materials, conventions and so on. 3, the choice of a good decoration material. During the renovation, be sure to select the national standard, environment-friendly building materials, try to avoid the roadside store to buy, purchase of raw materials for the decoration to adhere to the inspection check, view purchase list, save a good purchase vouchers easy to check when problems arise. 4, regular acceptance of construction quality. Poor quality of construction is often prone to water seepage bathroom, paint drum kits, buried pipelines do not meet industry standards. Therefore, consumers in the choice of home improvement renovation company not only to the company's technical level, a detailed understanding of the quality of service, but also the extent of the decoration to understand the integrity of the company to confirm whether the company has a legitimate decoration business license and the building should have decorative construction qualification certificates. 5, the service can not be ignored. Outstanding problem is a problem during the warranty period, the company deliberately delayed the time of renovation or repair all kinds of excuses not to. Therefore, consumers in the signing of the contract should be specified in the contract warranty period, in installments, etc., to prepare for decoration companies leave all the risk to consumers.
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