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Technical school started the wedding planning professionals
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Yesterday, the establishment of technical schools in Wuhan Optics Valley. National Innovation Model for the East Lake area while training skilled personnel, the school also targeting this attractive wedding economy "market cake" similar schools in the country to open marriage in the first planning and service professionals, and this year plans to train the first batch of 100 wedding Planners. Wedding economy in recent years become the real estate, automotive, electronic communications, tourism, Chinese residents after the fifth-largest consumer hot spot, to a rate of 15% per year, second only to the IT industry. City wedding industry association official, the city is expected this year, up married couples from 80,000 to 100,000 pairs, but competent wedding planning and chaired the "regular" talent is extremely scarce, the formation of a seller's market. This year's "May Day" wedding host 2,000 people missing, many wedding host 7 days were all "book." Wedding companies large and small city and the team has more than 2,000. Currently, the best wedding planners up to two to three million annual salary, a good wedding host, a host, you can be rewards, ranging from 800-3000. Wedding host, makeup artists, photographers, supervisors, floral division, with the film division, and other professional skilled personnel are very popular. Fan Yang introduced the school management, the profession plans to open District policies and regulations, school wedding, marriage, psychology, radio and host based wedding planning, bridal make-up design, photography and video post-production, folk rapper doors more than 10 main course , and also by more than a dozen wedding company in Wuhan, studio guide by industry trends professional development.
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