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Xinjiang culture and art festival ended the first wedding
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Wedding fashion show, the mysterious, glamorous Xinjiang folk dance, the evening of October 29, 2010 First Wedding Culture and Art Festival in Xinjiang held a grand closing ceremony and award show, bringing the Xinjiang section of the first wedding came to an end. Closing ceremony, the Xinjiang Daily, and other relevant units were host competition leaders, cameraman contest, wedding activities, the company named outstanding individual and team awards. Wedding Day this year by the Xinjiang Daily, autonomous regions and the Home Office, autonomous regions and Commerce Department, Autonomous Region Travel Bureau co-sponsored by the Xinjiang city newspaper contractors. Autonomous regions and relevant departments attach great importance to the Wedding Day, the Wedding Day pulled off a major highlight of Xinjiang, and strive to upgrade next year's Wedding Day a national holiday, it is proposed colorful folk cultural resources of Xinjiang into the country. Activity August 16 start, which lasted 75 days, during a massive parade held on the opening ceremony, thousands of Magpie Bridge blind date contest host wedding, wedding photographer photography contest, wedding and corporate competition, and other activities. In support of the organizers, the undertaker carefully prepared and full cooperation, scientific co-ordination, successfully pulled off the first section of this wedding wedding show results in Xinjiang to promote the development of the industry in Xinjiang wedding wedding event.
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