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Shanghai wedding bridal party services, the company added
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Contemporary couples married in the increasingly high demand, the face of wedding services provided by the company is unable to start new. In addition to the wedding of some conventional procedures, but also the best man and maid of honor. In response, Shanghai's marriage Celebrate the company has added a new service - professional bridesmaid, best man. Ms Leung, 26-year-old, is "May Day" began to work part time during the "professional bridesmaid," the. She told reporters that the work very interesting, can justifiably look good themselves. But people have said Law, "When the maid of honor more than 3 times that he would Jiabu Diao", which was a bit worried. So, not a last resort, she usually will not let acquaintances know what they are doing part-time professional bridesmaid. Pay-per-work, a three or four Hundred dollars, but it is rather tiring. Bridal make-up from early morning start from the time when a reference is necessary to help the bride, but also keeping items, we also have to make up, wedding, the couple have kept for the red envelope, often "valet" to the middle of the night . The most embarrassing is when the bride a lot of friends and relatives will stop hard liquor filling the ground was "invited to spend money because it is not white does not irrigation irrigation." "Wedding supervision" is also called "new secretary", the wedding is just the rise of employment, its role is to carefully handle all aspects of helping newcomers, not to worry about the details of new small, sorry. Sounds, when a steering Seems pretty easy, but in fact this line of business can be really bad to do. Shanghai, a wedding to Miss Bian company, first of all have to have good physical strength, from 6 am 9 pm and more and more busy, whether it is bar floats, then the bride or the shooting Wedding location, wedding party, the steering is the moment can not rest; followed but also know how much, not only to know how to give the bride makeup hair style, have to know all kinds of wedding ceremony, wedding customs, what to advise when the new Designate put fireworks, offer tea to the elders when, but also to remind the new parents, sweet soup which 10 samples should be put cooked cereal, how to teach the bride's brother, sister on the back of a float and so on. If the couple held a "personality" wedding, it is more Prior and master of ceremonies to contact and clarify the whole process of the wedding; In addition, the steering had to understand the point of design art, design of new positions such as modeling, design capture the story, in order to better assist newcomers can shoot photos and video Shadow, so that the memory of the wedding even more beautiful. Of course, if there are new requirements of the guests invited to the Steering guests have the bridal chamber to the point of small programs, these programs can neither be too far too embarrassing for the couple, can not be swept plain Whim of guests. Of course, so hard to do supervision, salaries are also quite substantial, usually around 600 yuan each time. Thus, in this marriage boom period, some do not understand anything of the young couple getting married on the role of supervision is to help deal with them in dealing with trivial things.
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