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Comfortable Feng Ao carries the day of meeting great rejoicing is chosen in 81 f
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“ looks quickly! There is a beautiful bride on that bus. ”1 day in the morning, a 31 road buses that hang a big “ to be fond of ” word caused numerous passerby fix eyes on. As we have learned, a pair of new personality that this gets on to the bus are a soldier, after the preparing with too attentive classics, final decision founded an army to used this kind of special kind to hold wedding that day on August 1. □

Bus get married get married draws a citizen to acclaim

Yesterday morning 9 when, the reporter is in near building of post and telecommunications inside courtyard of one family member see, two new swell swell 31 buses are stopping trimly in a family member downstair, two cars were passed pack meticulously, not only car head is hanging greatly word of ” of “ happy event, still hang inside car window and railroad car full festival colored ribbon.

In the morning 10 when the left and right sides, in the hurrah of people, bridegroom He Jun is holding beloved bridal party Qi in the arms by force, all over the face mirth ground sets foot on 31 to greet close car. Just got on a car, new a form of address for one's wife takes riant ground to say to the reporter with respect to the face: “ is greeted with the bus can be the key point that I think out in person, how, pretty good! ” subsequently, two “ greet close bus ” to bridal chamber set out, all the way, there is no lack of the pedestrian is pointing to greet close motorcade to halloo: Which does “ see quickly! Bus of person family expenses marries a bride, car date or 2008, have originality too simply! ”

Marriage car chooses to have a variety of souvenir senses

The colleague of bridegroom Mr He tells a reporter, the choice is in 81 found an army the section is 31 buses of 2008 this day with hire number, because this assembled among them,be meaning of a lot of souvenir.

Above all, bridegroom is a soldier, so the choice is in 81 found an army the section marries this day the most significant. Next, choose 31 buses, because Ben Zhougang was 2008 very,be the 31st week. Moreover, beijing Olympic Games had type of a few days of solicit comments to kick off again 2008, to celebrate this one great event, chose number technically to serve as for 31 buses of 2008 greet close car.

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