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How does wedding do after all
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Marriage how to celebrate heat — wedding to do after all?

Marrying is everybody the first class important matter in lifetime, accordingly, of all ages, people looks wedding very divinely, what bridal form also follows each condition is different and numerous brief each different so, how does wedding do after all?

One, the marriage that looks for a content to be worth somewhat celebrates a company

Look in average person, doing wedding is a simple thing. But ” of “ a n experienced person knows, actually is not such. Want to do wedding so that have class, have content, have characteristic, sapid, and considerate and successful, not easy really. Because ” of this “ project has wedding,its are different from the characteristic of common. So, more and more new personality adopt the marriage that looks for major to celebrate an orgnaization to help his hold the method that does wedding now, this is advisability undoubtedly lift. But choice marriage celebrates a company must discreet, should choose those experience much, have company of actual strength, creditable. Had better be to choose the person all round oneself to had run bridal company successfully, understand relatively so, more become aware reliable.

2, the soul that compere is wedding

Chair people to have a collective experience, that gives that best friend to chair wedding namely, it is everybody (especially him compere) the most satisfactory wedding.

3, marry and have to uses car of “ a person of extraordinary powers”

For instance classic sedan is received close, traditional and novel, festival and lively; Drive oneself receive close, optional and kind, affection is unbroken; Tricycle is received close, austere and amiable, elegant and satisfied or flat leave out receives close link, bridegroom bride holds wedding in guest of hotel await respectively together also have not cannot.

Marriage celebrate things

Characteristic is fond of hand of sugar spirits tobacco to spend red paper and pillow of give up of the garland that scatter a flower
Gun salute of candle of red package of word of happy event of register of honored guest problem is red to chopsticks lacy
Originality furnishs marriage gauze formal attire to deserve to act the role of post of happy event of formal attire of gauze of marriage of fittings of marriage gauze formal attire

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