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Aseismatic 6 pairs of husband and wife that China touchs in providing disaster r
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I love “ your ” , 3 guileless and simple word, in this special day, bearing the weight of however a lot of dreams of a lot of people. This has been the ” of “ little love between husband and wife not just, in aseismatic I love the “ in providing disaster relief your ” is being used by people real operation magnifies indefinitely, I love “ opposite of the person that your ” since is born person of love profession, also be a kind of longing of the person that be born to the dead, it is us more the real feeling to motherland mother.
Carve of king of army elder brother's wife and sweetheart communicate each other says “ I love you”

17 days of evening were controlled at 24 o'clock, in the program of aseismatic direct seeding providing disaster relief of CCTV, the carve of king of army elder brother's wife that 10 thousand people care and word of electrify of each other of sweetheart Feng brave, use “ I love your ” 3 words are conveying pair of the other side care and long for. It is reported, before military Feng brave is hurrying off to disaster area of plain of short of Wenshui River, one is given out to appeal on the net letter, carelessness is: I am a soldier, on call now preparation goes to our army Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain provide disaster relief, the total force that I am willing to contribute my goes saving the fellow-townsman of disaster area, but my wife is saved without the person however. I should set out immediately, contact her very hard also again. The circumstance that oily to Sichuan river earthquake is damaged on TV now sows a newspaper very few, but my wife is over there, already had 7 months pregnancy, without food and water, hunger is gotten washed-up. Beg fellow-townsman, she driveway bay China is telegraphic now on a van of doorway highway, call Wang Zhuo, it is a teacher. Very fast, this card that touchs China travels quickly on the net, netizens employed all sorts of relations, before connecting relevant section, go rescueing this army elder brother's wife. Below the help of everybody, carve of king of army elder brother's wife got appropriate find a place for.

Commissariat sends man of calamity of artful be rescued on wife remains

17 days of evening, dai Xiuzhen of Chengdu army elder brother's wife leads the lorry motorcade of 8 replete rice, toward heavy disaster area Ping Wuping knows a town before, on remains chance encounter is saving marital Sun Chengjun of the person in rush to deal with an emergency. Embrace without tearful photograph, look silently only, husband and wife speaks two sentences sigh letting a person weeps. The wife says: “ your army still leaves this batch of rice a bit. Hungry, still eat a hot meal. ” man says: “ here danger, you go rapidly, in case I am glorious, always a person brings child. ” wife says: I still think “ foster a few orphan, busy was over you take a few baby to come home, ? ” man says the wife is Bodhisattva heart. After 12 days of especially big the situation of a disaster happen, this army elder brother's wife is organized at once buy 40 tons of rice, noodle more than kilograms 1500, pork and toothpaste tooth brush, destroy midge implement, equivalence of bumf of blanket of helminthic, quilt, sanitary towel is worth 270 thousand yuan of goods and materials. With every car 2500 yuan hire, leased 8 trucks, preparation sends toward short of Wenshui River plain. 17 days afternoon, ” of “ rice motorcade wades through hardship, make the same score a town at be being arrived at in the evening. This is the first troop providing disaster relief that sends rice, the troops officers and soldiers of victim and rush to deal with an emergency very hearten.
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